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Practical Listening for TOEIC/
Practical Reading for TOEIC

Katsuyuki Morita / Izumi Nonaka

B5 size Text 44pp. / Cassettetape available / Instructor's edition available

 This eagerly awaited test paper focuses on planning for the TOEIC. This certification is indispensable today for finding a job and for other needs. Two books--one for listening and one for reading--have been published at the same time.
 The listening version encompasses Parts I-IV of the TOEIC. The reading version encompasses Parts V-VII. Using the two books together is an ideal plan for passing the TOEIC.
 Each book increases the difficulty level step-by-step in each set of five sessions until 20 tests have been completed. Many exercise problems are presented, all planned to cultivate competency that effectively aims for high marks without excessive effort.

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Challenge Listening / Reading
―Practical Approaches to the TOEFL

Katsuyuki Morita/ Izumi Nonaka

B5 size Text 44pp. / Cassette tape avaialble / Instructor's edition avaialble

 Tear-off type test paper, compatible with the new style TOEFL introduced from the autumn of 2000. Two volumes issued simultaneously.
 Contains both a "Listening Section" and "Reading Section," with 20 tests in all. Each test takes about 10 minutes, enabling effective use of one part of class time to prepare for all types of certification tests without major strain.
 An excellent means to get ready for the TOEFL and other certification tests, not to mention honing up listening and reading skills. This test also provides ample support as a normal practical learning aid.

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Your Ear for English
―Brush Up Your Listening Ability

Braven Smillie, Hiromi Nema

B5 size Text 40pp. / 2 Cassette tapes available \5,000 / Instructor’s edition available

 This series of tests of listening ability consists of 18 units and 2 actual tests, which can be removed from the book. Created as a supplementary volume that can be used in reading or composition classes, the listening passages are short and the vocabulary level is easy. The questions are appropriate for Eiken (STEP) , TOFLE, and TOEIC and so the volume is also suitable for classes that focus on such proficiency examinations.