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Issues of Global Concern

David Peaty

A5 size Text 85pp., +Notes 18pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 This newly written collection of essays discusses from various viewpoints major global issues facing society today. Topics include the development of alternative sources of energy, gender issues such as sexual harassment, and the credibility of the mass media.
 The writer's style is clear and easy to understand, though not simplified. The text include not only a variety of tasks designed to confirm comprehension but also guidelines for discussing the topics from a wider viewpoint.

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New Understandings
―New Answers to the World's Oldest Questions

Paul Stapleton

A5 size Text 83pp., +Notes 24pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 As we go deeper into the 21st century, our understanding of the world is changing dramatically. In the past generation we have gained a much deeper appreciation for many of the world's deepest mysteries. Scientists and thinkers are now beginning to provide new and realistic insight into questions that were impossible to answer until recently.
 New Understandings looks at everything from disasters and disease to diet, and even our destiny in order to explore this new knowledge. The author takes these new ideas from leaders in astronomy, genetics, anthropology, medicine, philosophy, and economics, and makes them clear and easy to understand. Each chapter in this program has a similar length with exercises helping university students naturally absorb new ideas. Annotated key words and phrases are also included, making this book an all-purpose classroom tool.

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The World of the 20th Century
―One Hundred Incredible Years Thousands of Sensational Stories

Chris Mosdell 

B5 size Text 66pp.+Notes 20pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 The 20th century was a time of great change and confusion. The author treats even this complex era with a style both simple and rich in humor, looking back on the past 100 years in a highly enjoyable manner.
 Chaplin, Presley, The Beatles and other leading figures of the times, the Great Depression, wars, the moon landing and other major social developments, along with detailed descriptions of the paintings, literature and episodes exemplary of each period.
 Beginning with the color opening page, the book features photos of the artwork of Picasso, Warhol, various incidents and other areas in a visual perspective which helps convey the atmosphere of each historical period.

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Exploring Hidden Culture
―Deeper Values and Differences between Japan and North America

Paul Stapleton 

A5 size Text 85pp.+Notes 15pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 This exciting new book not only examines culture at a deep level, but it also looks at many new topics which are often overlooked by works of this type. In addition, this volume discusses recent changes and prospects for the future in chapters on the family, students, and working life. The entire volume is designed to give the reader a new perspective on the life and thinking of Japanese and North Americans.
 The author supports the ideas that are presented here with an extensive bibliography, while making the readings clear and easy to understand. Each chapter includes drills, thinking questions, and key words in comparative culture, making this book a handy, user-friendly classroom tool.

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Here and There
―Cultural Differences between Japan and Britain

Adrian J . Pinnington

A5 size Text 74pp. + Notes 10pp./ Cassette tape available

 Studies of comparative culture come a dime a dozen, but this anthology of essays, all written specially for the volume, stands out for the fresh perspective it offers on the society of tomorrow.
 The author is a British national who has lived in Japan for two decades. That gives him a unique viewpoint on such subjects as similarities and differences between Japan and the UK, the respective identities of the two peoples, and challenges which the two countries face for the future. Though written in plain language, the book makes for a fascinating, thought-provoking read.


Small Miracles
―Extraordinary Coincidences from Everyday Life

Yitta Halberstam/Judith Leventhal 

A5 size Text 60pp.+Notes 28pp / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 An event prone to be overlooked, or a simple word or two bringing to mind things of importance. Haven't we all had that type of experience? This book is a collection of episodes connected by the common thread of small coincidences which depict different scenes from the human experience. The joys and sorrows of life, fateful encounters and farewells, forgotten love and other sagas which possess the powers of healing for us.
 Episodes range from simple and short items about a single page in length to more extended descriptions, with careful selection of all contents. In addition to detailed notes based in historical fact, questions are also included for the text in the first and second halves.