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Terrific Talk

Nina Lawrence / Gaylene Levesque
Audio CD included

B5 size Text 97pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 These materials are intended to cultivate a comprehensive communication ability. A variety of familiar everyday topics on various subjects are provided.
 Model sentences with important words and conversational phrases are recorded on the CD. The recorded conversations are authentic and entertaining in themselves.
 The text is printed in two colors and features numerous illustrations and photos.

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Why Is That?
―Background to American Culture

Tadashi Shiozawa / Gregory A. King / Jeffery M. Elliston

B5 size Text 80pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 This textbook is intended mainly to promote understanding of American culture and society. Learners can study the roots of American life from various angles, going beyond a superficial examination of current cultural topics.
 This comprehensive textbook contains twenty 300-word reading passages followed by short dialogs and exercises intended to expand vocabulary, clarify the meaning, provide listening practices, and practice the target expressions. A variety of pair work exercises are also included.

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Bridging Cultures
―English for Global Communication

Toru Nishimoto/Naomi Sugimoto /Fumiko Yuasa /Nobuhisa Honjo/James C. Bruce/Bruce E. Carrick

B5 size Text 83pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 A book comprised of three main parts: A section in which Japanese and persons of other nationality describe their cross-cultural experiences; a part for learning the basic knowledge of communicating with other cultures through language, views of nature, religion, business and other mediums; and the conveying of Japanese culture to other countries.
 Based on essays each about 400 words in length, the drills include questions using illustrations, as well as listening and discussion-format problems. As a comprehensive teaching aid with full-fledged content, we recommend this work with the greatest of confidence.

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Wander the World
―Learning English Across Cultures

Peter Weld / Naoko Shirai

B5 size Text 98pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor's edition available

 Wander the World is based on chapters 500-600 English words in length, with a collection of drills for vocabulary, comprehension, and listening and writing skills. In particular, the drills make generous use of photos, maps and other background materials from around the world to make learning fun in a game-like setting.
 Even unfamiliar countries are no problem. Based on years of travel, the author uses easy-to-understand English and an impressive collection of his own photographs to enable readers to improve their English skills while taking an imaginary journey around the world.

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You, Me, and the World

―A Course in Communicative English for Global Citizenship

David Peaty

B5 size Text 89pp. / Cassette tape available / Instructor’s edition availble

 Global warming. Animal and plant life on the verge of extinction.The refugee problem. The endless scourge of war.This textbook grapples with issues like these that confront mankind on this planet,employing the four skills of reading,  listening, writing and speaking.Reading and listening exercises hone ability to accurately grasp information. Students also get to put their thoughts down in writing,as well as join in group discussions and games. This approach fosters positive thinking about what the individual can do for the planet and for mankind,and at the same time helps improve communicative skills in English.